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Exhibition Stand Build Process

The MPD Way

You may notice that we are a little different here.  No, it’s not Steve’s extra fingers that let him design exhibition stands really fast; or the taser that Julie keeps in her desk drawer to extract overdue payments… it’s not even that Sam is only 3 feet tall and has to have a booster seat at her desk to see the screen.  The strangest thing here is you will not find a single salesperson anywhere.  Not one.  Unless they are visiting from somewhere else trying to sell us something.

It’s not that we don’t like exhibition salespeople – I once knew one who only had small horns; but as designers we think we can do a much better job than any salesman.  Who better to manage your exhibition stand than the designer who designed it?  That precious drawing that we slaved over to get just right and that you loved enough to ask us to build it for you… that’s what we want to see at the show, not some version of it from a salesperson trying to maximise their commission.

Our way is simple: We listen to what YOU want, then design a stand to YOUR brief and budget, then if you like it, we build it.  No need for salespeople or anyone else to get in the way and spoil a good design!  The info graphic on the left compares the MPD way with how the industry usually goes about designing and building an exhibition stand.  We only use one cook, so we don’t spoil the broth.  Click here or on the graphic for the full size version.

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