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By not employing a specialist exhibition company to design and build your stand for you, is it actually costing you more money than if you did?  In time and lost opportunities, it probably is.

Exhibition Stand Design & Construction NECLet’s say you send your sales team to go and set the stand up.  They’re going up to the show anyway, so may as well send them early and get them to set up.  It’s a small stand, and only needs two people, so by sending the guys you’re already paying, you’re saving money, right?  Possibly, if they’re really bad at sales.  But if they’re any good at their job, the opportunity cost and lost sales could be worth thousands.  Whilst they’re lugging about your stand kit and swearing at a screwdriver, they’re not seeing clients, or making phone calls to potential customers.

Then, on the first day of the show, your sales guys are not hitting top form because they’re knackered from the day before, so you’re losing sales yet again.

It’s a bit like fixing your own car.  I can fit brake pads, and probably have a stab at servicing it too with a Haynes manual, but the whole day I’d spend saving fifty quid on my brakes could have been replaced with a mechanic doing the job in a couple of hours.  And in that couple of hours my car is in the garage, I’m at my desk generating 10 times or more than the mechanic will charge me.  And he does a better job.

Then there’s the stand itself.  “But we can’t afford a custom built stand!”  I’d argue that you can’t afford not to have one.

A recent client at a major trade show commented that they were more than twice as busy on their custom build stand than they were with their shell scheme stand at the previous show.  Their logo was now up at 4 metres and they looked like a professional outfit in comparison to the mass of shell scheme stands that they used to inhabit.  With a £6,000 investment, they doubled the number of prospects that they talked to.  Just one extra order paid for the stand many times over and as an extra bonus they weren’t tired on opening morning from setting up their own stand.  They were also able to get straight off after the show closed because we not only take their stand down, but also packed away their kit for them and sent it on to them a few days later.

Of course you will get business at a show if you have a shell scheme stand, but you can see for yourself at any show how much more interest a well-designed custom built stand generates.  They project the character and professionalism of the exhibiting company, display products and services more clearly and grab the visitors’ interest as they wander around a sea of your competitors.

So next show it might be worth taking the plunge and investing in a custom built stand, then watch your ROI soar.

I guarantee the sales guys will thank you for it too.