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It’s an age old question, and one that is often answered with a system solution.  But do you really have to have a system stand if you want to reuse your exhibition stand?

The simple answer is no.  A custom build stand can be as reusable as a system build, if it is designed with reuse in mind from the outset.

Custom build doesn’t always mean ‘build it once and throw it away’, as we’ve proved with Miele Professional.

Custom build exhibition stands

Miele at Hotelympia 2016

Earlier this year we produced our first stand for Miele at Hotelympia in London.  It was Miele’s first exhibition outing for a while and we needed to produce a stand that reflected the quality of the brand whilst keeping within a relatively tight budget.  Miele have a very iconic ‘Experience Centre’ in Abingdon, where industry designers and specifiers can come and see the range of Miele products in situ, and gain a better understanding of what’s on offer and how they work.  My first meeting to discuss the Hotelympia brief was at the Experience Centre and having visited, it seemed a no brainer to base the stand design around the strong architectural lines of the building to tie in with Miele’s brand identity.

Miele Professional_Independent Hotel Show 2016

Miele at The Independent Hotel Show 2016

Following a successful Hotelympia we were pitching for the next two shows – The Independent Hotel Show and The London Vet Show.  Both in London and with an overall budget that didn’t really allow for high end finishes and quality detailing; unless of course you have an existing stand that was designed to be reconfigured for different sized spaces…

So reusing the main feature walls and plinths – that were all high gloss laminate with back lit logos and edge lit detailing on the feature plinths – we were able to put together two designs that not only looked the part, but still portrayed the Miele quality and as a bonus came in just under budget.

Utilising the main features from Hotelympia also carries through a design element across the shows which helps tie the branding together and make the Miele stand instantly identifiable to any visitor who has either seen them at a previous show or has been to the Miele Experience Centre.

Having a stand build that has had a previous outing also means that we’ve already identified and fixed any obstacles on the build up, which meant that the Independent Hotel Show stand was ready ahead of time, so when the fitters came to install the products, we were ready and waiting to give them a hand.

The next outing is the Great Hospitality Show in January next year, which will utilise the same stand components again.  We will refurbish and refinish items as necessary between shows, but the ‘modular custom build’ approach is certainly one way of keeping costs down whilst having a great looking stand.  And it has a AAA rating when it comes to being environmentally friendly too!