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Mark and the team answer your exhibition questions and delve deep into the exhibition world with tips, explanations and interviews.

mpd:tv Episode 13

Can Mark explain about the different types of exhibition lighting before someone walks in front of the camera again? There’s only one way to find out…

mpd:tv Episode 12

If you ever need to fit a vinyl graphic there’s

a few tips that will help you get it right.

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mpd:tv Episode 11

You CAN have your cake and eat it;

just don’t do it on your stand…

mpd:tv Episode 10

Typos and spelling mistakes on graphics…

Why artwork deadlines so important!

mpd:tv Episode 9

Anyone got a 50p for the meter?

Find out why Mark’s in the dark this week.

mpd:tv Episode 8

What if the worst happens?

Do you have a disaster plan in place?

mpd:tv Episode 7

Exhibition flooring – so many options…

Which is best and what to avoid!

mpd:tv Episode 6

Mark explains the ins and outs of vehicle access doors.

See what we did there…?

mpd:tv Episode 5

Why struggle taking your supplies and products to the show?

mpd:tv Episode 4

Hanging around at the NEC with dropwires and rigging.

mpd:tv Episode 3

What is poly cover and why do you need it?

mpd:tv Episode 2

We enter the Aladdin’s Cave that is Expo Supplies at the NEC

mpd:tv Episode 1

What are service ducts and why are they so important?

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